15 Car Hacks That Can Help You Steer Clear of Any Trouble

15 Car Hacks That Can Help You Steer Clear of Any Trouble

Car Hacks That Can Help You Steer Clear of Any Trouble. adopt following car hacks.

1. Always use your right hand to open the driver’s door or your left hand to open the passenger door — this keeps you from opening it too suddenly.

2. Keep your car’s remote control separate from your keys. Remember: they serve as a backup if you lose the other.

3. When it’s cold outside, park your car facing east since the sun will help defrost your windshield.

4. What’s good for airplanes can be good for cars. Invest in a sun visor for your car windows.

5. Stickers can help block out the blinding sun, too!

6. Toothpaste can help clean your headlights.

7. With some hooks, you can always have paper towels on hand.

8. Keep emergency stuff like a glasscutter safely stored in your car, in case you ever need to cut yourself free.

9. During the winter months, keep your windshield wipers nice and toasty with some warm socks.

10. An old sock can also work wonders when cleaning your headlights.

11. If your car visor is too short…just extend it!

12. Some PVC pipes are all you need to fix a broken air conditioner.

13. A creative antenna really helps with finding your car at night.

14. If a funnel is unavailable when your car needs oil, a piece of paper can work in a pinch.

15. Put your parking tickets in your CD slot when leaving a parking lot so you don’t lose them at the gate.

Source & Credits: Brightside

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