EEA Family Permit Sponsorship Format

EEA Family Permit Sponsorship Format

Applicants:  Mr (Name), Country,    (Date of Birth)   (GWF No)                                          

                      Mr (Name), Country,    (Date of Birth)   (GWF No)

Sponsor:     Mr (Name), Country,    (Date of Birth)  

I am a European National (Country Name) making this application under the EEA Regulations to sponsor my dependent (Relationship) to join me in the UK.

Background to the Application

I have been living in the UK for the past few years and since I have been living in the UK I have been supporting my (relationship) who live in Pakistan. He/She has no means of subsistence except through me.

I work at ( Name of Employer ) earning approximately £18000 per year and I am enclosing evidence of this.

About the Application:

  1. The applicants are related to me and they are enclosing their birth certificates with the application.
  2. I am residing in the UK in accordance with EEA Regulations, this is evidenced by evidence of my work – as enclosed.
  3. As this is an application an adult dependent, evidence of dependency is supplied i.e. money transfer slips; and
  4. There are no reasons for the applicant or myself being excluded from the UK on the grounds of public policy, public security or public health.

EEA Family Permit:

Regulation 12(4) of the EEA Regulations 2016 states,

(4) An entry clearance officer may issue an EEA family permit to an extended family member of an EEA national (the relevant EEA national) who applies for one if—

(a)the relevant EEA national satisfies the condition in paragraph (1)(a);

(b)the extended family member wants to accompany the relevant EEA national to the United Kingdom or to join that EEA national there; and

(c) in all the circumstances, it appears to the entry clearance officer appropriate to issue the EEA family permit.

(5) Where an entry clearance officer receives an application under paragraph (4) an extensive examination of the personal circumstances of the applicant must be undertaken by the Secretary of State and if the application is refused, the entry clearance officer must give reasons justifying the refusal unless this is contrary to the interests of national security.


I am enclosing birth certificates to prove that I am the Son/daughter/Husband/mother/brother/sister of (Name of Applicant) Page 14 of Free Movement Rights: family members of EEA nationals Version 7.0 confirms that birth certificates can be used to show relationship.


I live at (Address of Sponsor).  This is a spacious 4 bedterraced house.  There is ample room for my (relation) to join me and no issues arise under the Housing Act 1985 in relation to overcrowding.

Previous application

He/She have not previously applied to enter the UK as an EEA extended family member.

To keep sending money to Pakistan for my (relationship) is becoming difficult and it is better for them to join me in the UK so that I am not forced to leave the UK (EU) in breach of the EU Directive. 

Please contact me on the details provided in the application for any questions or if you require any further documentation to assist you with your considerations.

I am paying for all costs associated with the application, travel and subsequent residence in the UK for my (relationship , mother father etc)

Yours faithfully

(Sponsor Name)

Note: This is only an Example it does not guarantee anything to be correct , please do consult with your lawyer according to your case needs.

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