How to use amazon fba to make money

How to use amazon fba to make money

How to use amazon fba to make money

You can do your own business or become Virtual Assistance(VA) of your clients and earn. which we say Kitchen Income. For this purpose we use Freelancing platforms like UPWORK & FIVERR.

Below Are Some Duties of VA For Amazon:


Product hunting is the first thing we use to discover our or someone’s product. It all depends upon keyword. so your primary goal is to find the Right keyword for your product which you will latter on Rank your keyword to go to First page from your climax will be start For product Hunting we have alot of tools• Helium-10 Product research, Trends,keyword search, get new keywords, keyword Tracking, Rank checking Merchant words For keyword search Jungle scout To check sales data, daily or monthly sales, Average price and Reviews Viral launch Top seller, BSR, Market trends cost calculate & to check product ideal score.

The product we find should be Not Amazon dominant & Big brand No sponsor ads High Demand with low competition on H-10Non seasonal product (Ever green) We use these tools to search the product to see its Total investment, Total income, sales and graphs and then check if it is valuable for us or not. These tools don’t give us 100% Authentic data but we can assume upto 90%.


While Sourcing the product your first goal is to check the PATENT (whether the product is someones other trademark or brand and its his possession so he is conveying you to not to use it). This can be done in these ways

1. upto 50% clarification


3. Freelancer.

Don’t invest more then 100$ for this purpose DUMMY LISTING / listing Creating a Rough Amazon listing by dully images and rough details just to open the case with Amazon to check the patent of product and to get the signal for product launch. We open the case with Amazon 3 times a day by contacting Amazon that i want to launch this product is it clear from you. We usually do this in Morning , Afternoon & Night after this.

Amazon gives us the Green Signal that you can launch this product.Then If the The product is GATED (some toys, baby items, nutritional supplements, beauty products and sensitive products) we contact with or start case with Amazon to UNGATE it by providing the permission Letters and essential documents from the brand which we are going to sell or other legalities that it will not harm the customer.

If you want TRADEMARK? Arrange a Attorney/ lawyer from USA or UK pay him and register yourself. Trademark Registration time ( UK 3 month, USA 9 month ) suggestions ( private label) Trademark option also available on Amazon IP Accelerator dot com from where you can register yourself for brand Authorization.

Trademark keep you safe from Hijackers and One big advantage of this you get Access to A+ EBC ( Enhanced branded content) you get extra options for images of the product and Brief details with more eye catching sight. After finding the successful product we do work on finding the best sellers from where we can buy our product in cheap price and then send this product to Amazon warehouse. Convert this dummy listing into proper listing after approval and Two things to focus on here Images of product Images should be Excellent and we prefer 2-3 3d images of the product and at least one image should describe about product along with picture.

If you are not expert in Photoshop then hire a person with Brilliant skills and done this thing by him. Images attract the buyers attention Description of product This can also be not ignored because the keywords and details are in this section and also do this with great concern and wisely. You can also hire a person for this task SAMPLE CONSOLIDATION For this purpose we select Almost 10-15 sellers which are offering the product then reduce it to 3 sellers.

we bargain with theses sellers to get the lowest price with more offers use other sellers lowest price screenshot in order to negotiate the price. And then we ask them to deliver the samples. Keep in mind here always try your best to ask for FREE SAMPLE CHECK to your seller.

The seller should have following criteria

1. Gold supplier with minimum 3 Gems and 2 year market stay & Trade Assurance 2.5% Alibaba commission.

2% Bank commission. MOQ should be 100,300,500 or 10002. 80+ response rate and match exact to competitor’s product. FBA calculator profit margin should be not less than 25%

3. Check competitors -ve reviews and ask seller to modify and enhance quality

4. Ask your sellers for free sample don’t praise the product and don’t show heist

5. LOGO should be 2 color because its cheap

6. ORDERING & PACKAGING by giving bar codes or labels

7. Ask him for photos of product and his factory Now coming towards shipment of sample Mainly depends upon the Size & weight of product rogh idea 5$ per kg Air shipment 2$ per kg ocean shipment First Payment should be 30% in advance and 70% after completion of delivery.

The shipment rate within china is 5$ and 40$-50$ anywhere i.e Asia, Europe FOREIGHT FORWARDER If Manufacturer is not shipping the product trend 100% upfront (Advance Payment)( It is Third party logistic person which you choose to ship your product by taking it from manufacturer and forward it to Amazon warehouse )For this purpose contact within group there are respected seniors who can help out You arrange Forwarder for this FOB price is fee on board Done by Manufacturer or supplier we prefers ddp Payment is done only through Paypal and always keep safe the Invoice of payment After shipment of order it takes 20-25 days to deliver to Amazon Warehouse , After this Start doing these things LISTING of the product Make Website not more then 200$ cost for edge 3-4 3d Photographs Find Hunting process of pre-order AGAIN LISTING IS VERY IMPORTANT UPC BARCODES Required for product labeling ,


This is the launching strategy to rank the your product on 1st page of Amazon by targeting the specific keywords which will later on increase your BSR (best seller rank). This is the Bleeding (Investment) phase in which we offer Alot of free giveaways to our customers using Many chat and Fb ads it costs almost 1.86$ per single click on ad. We create the Automatic Chatbots in Manychats and fetch data of buyer giving them free product. Buyer first buy the item by paying it but later on we refund his payment in his Paypal ID. This is done only to rank our product on 1st page because initially when we launch our product it falls on the 100+ page.

So we use these methods to get good results. Hyper launch increase Organic Rank. We Divide this phase in following criteria depending on the price of product.•

HYPERLAUNCH PHASE 1: For price less then 20$ :This phase is done on ranking page 1 or 2. Pixelfy super url is given to buy product. We ask buyer few things like amazon account , paypal ID and No return. The buyer purchase the product and after 2 3 days of order shipping we send amount to his account. This is done right after the product is active in first 3 days. and then HL-phase 1.2 and then by tapering the giveaways step by step as compare to organic orders to keep the Sales Velocity maintain.

HYPERLAUNCH PHASE 1.2: This is done when our product rank on 2 page not beyond 3rd page. We start Manychat compaign and give the buyer Exact keyword and Images of our product then the buyer goes to amazon and find our product then purchase it. This is called VVRO (very very real order). Buyer takes time to find and order the product.

If Product price is between 20$-40$.• Then HYPER LAUNCH PHASE 2 :Hyperlaunch phase 2 only done in first 3 active days of ad because ad goes live in first 3 days. We generate coupons to give discount of Upto 90% to pick buyers attention by creating the spinwheel. The buyer after generating the coupon when goes to Amazon. Amazon offers him to Add to cart the product to claim coupon discount the Add to cart thing increase our ranking and afterwards the buyier claims the discount either buyer will purchase the product or goes back to see low discount of 25%.In this way half way is done by our product in just 3 days.

Then HYPERLAUNCH PHASE 1 is done in which pixelfy super URL is given to buy product and then HL-1.2 by tapering the giveaways compare to organic orders BAMBOO LAUNCH: In Bamboo launch we fetch data of giveaways from Helium-10. H-10 tells us how much giveaways you have to complete in 8 days to rank the product. In Bamboo launch we multiply the giveaways by 1.5 and we do extra giveaways then normal to get best rank.• Price of product is more then 40$.

If our product is costly like 60$ or 150$ then we cant afford its giveaways. So we at first start its aggressive Hyperlaunch phase 2 by adding into cart this improve its rank and then we start PPCWe also use Triangular reviews in which we pich real life person and ask him to buy our product. We do this by changing inventory into FBM for few hours. when he order the product we send him cheap thing of 2-3 $ we give tracking Id to amazon that i have sent the product. The person give reviews for this also. we give him some commission as well. Pay per click Campaign ( PPC) Increase sponsored rank Although as individual we don’t give much importance on this but as VA you cant ignore this.

Always go with Auto campaign in which (Amazon Automatically pick competitors keywords and target them) for at least two weeks. Then if clicks giving you sale then convert it In Manual campaign and target the specific keywords as well as ASIN and gradually lower the BID reduce the Acos.( amount we are investing on product for 1 click).

If clicks Increase ACOS ( Average cost of sales)Then you can increase the bid a little more if then clicks not give any Sale then after lowering the bid remove the bid or negative the keyword. The Amount we input for bid, Amazon charge for 1 day for it. IF you are not having enough sale using ppc then close the campaign to maintain your budget. There are some other tiny things that are account management and keep the records. That’s All we do As VAThere are a lot of details that are missing but this can be understandable by the newcomers.

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