The different types of visas to study in Europe for Pakistanis

The different types of visas to study in Europe for Pakistanis

The different types of visas to study in Europe for Pakistanis

If you are a student or planning to go to Europe for your further study, here we have provided important information for Immigration Pakistan to Europe.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to knowing which visa you need to study and/or work in Europe. Therefore, today we have decided to clarify some points about the different types of visas that the European States require if you decide to come to Europe.

The tourist visa:

The vast majority of the inhabitants of Latin America do not need to apply for a visa to come to Europe. The only condition is to have a valid passport to benefit from the famous Schengen visa which allows you to travel for 3 months to the countries of the European Union.

This visa, as its name suggests, is for sightseeing or conducting business. It also allows you to learn languages but for a short period of time.

The tourist visa does not allow work in the European Union.

The student visa:

If you are going to spend more than 3 months in the European Union and want to study something more formal than a language course during the summer, such as a bachelor’s degree, a doctorate or a master’s degree, you will need to apply for a visa to study.

To process a student visa, several requirements are necessary: a letter of acceptance from a university, an economic test that shows that you can stay in the country for your entire stay and medical insurance.

In general, the student visa does not allow you to work. However, many European governments authorize foreign students to work part-time (15 hours to 20-hours maximum) to help you finance your studies.

The visa for practitioner:

This visa is a subcategory of the European student visa. The countries of the European Union allow foreign students to carry out a professional practice of a maximum duration of 6 months, but beware, not all member countries of the Union allow it.

The requirements are almost similar to those of the student visa: medical insurance, economic proof that shows you have the financial resources to stay in the country during your stay.

The visa to perfect the language:

There are several types of visa that do not allow you to take an academic degree such as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, but they have the advantage of helping you perfect a European language while you are working part-time.

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