U.S. President Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

On this day 19 Nov 1863 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln delivered the brief but renowned Gettysburg
Address at the dedication of the National Cemetery in Pennsylvania during the American Civil War.

world-famous speech delivered by President Abraham Lincoln at the dedication (Nov. 19, 1863) of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, Pa., the site of one of the decisive battles of the American Civil War (July 1–3, 1863).

The main address at the dedication ceremony was one of two hours, delivered by Edward Everett, the best-known orator of the time. In the wake of such a performance, Lincoln’s brief speech would hardly seem to have drawn notice. However, despite some criticism from his opposition, it was widely quoted and praised and soon came to be recognized as one of the classic utterances of all time, a masterpiece of prose poetry. On the day following the ceremony. Everett himself wrote to Lincoln, “I wish that I could flatter myself that I had come as near to the central idea of the occasion in two hours as you did in two minutes.

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